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William Kirkland bill.kirkland at gmail.com
Wed Apr 11 03:06:17 CDT 2007

I am sure I could reformat the XML to something else, using awk ...
though I do not fully understand the details, so am not sure if that  
would help.

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Not exactly a rescue issue, but you guys are smart and of widely
varied experience:

I am in a situation where I need to reliable reverse a 29k line XML
schema, in three parts, back into human readable English. The schema
is generated from a list of database fields, data types, database
field lengths, and a length constraint on each field. Although I can
go back to the source database for the information, the situation is
such that I need to be able to reliably assert that the schema is, in
fact, an accurate representation of the field names, types, and
allowable lengths.

I have googled, and although I have found a lot of information on
validating XML documents, I have found little information on doing
what I need to do. The only examples I can find of doing this are

1) Microsoft-centric
2) Involve comparing the schema with the database, which I cannot do.

What I need to do specifically, is to parse the schema and produce a
tabular output containing the field name, data type, and maximum
allowable length.
The actual schema(s/e) are in three parts: The first file is a list
of user-defined data types. The second file is a description of the
database. The third part contains a subset of the database
description, with only those elements which have data length
constraints which vary from the database.

Any pointers?


bill.kirkland at gmail.com

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