[rescue] BBS

Steven M Jones smj+rescue at crash.com
Wed Apr 11 02:53:49 CDT 2007

John Floren wrote:
> Some friends and I were toying with the idea of putting up a
> dial-in BBS, but we're not sure what software would be the
> best choice.

Sounds like a hoot; be sure to let us know how that works out. If
I had an Apple ][ or //e out of storage I'd be tempted to check it

But... You want to know what crazed scheme keeps popping up in my
pointy little head every now and again? Dusting off my Telebit
Trailblazer and bringing up a UUCP connection. Well, it'd have to
be my T1600 as I sold my old Trailblazer Plus many years ago, but
it still supports PEP. I did find two original TrailBlazers at
WeirdStuff Warehouse the other month, but their PSUs weren't
anywhere nearby.

Regardless, even if I used a modern V.34 to V.92 modem, it'd still
be nice to have an entry in the USENET maps again...


Steven M Jones

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