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Kevin Fitzgerrell fitzgerrell at gmail.com
Tue Apr 10 18:26:14 CDT 2007

> > Tembagapura, Papua
> > Indonesia
> >
> > Should be pretty nuke safe here in the highland cloudforest.
> Kevin--
> Mind sharing the story of how you wound up writing Rescue list emails
> from such a place?  There's gotta be a good one behind that...
> =Nadine=
Not that much to tell, really.  I'm a control systems engineer.  I
grew up in Colorado, spent a couple years in Germany, then moved to
Alaska (16 years), then took a job in New Zealand (6 years).  Recently
I've moved to a new job in the highlands of Papua, Indonesia.

The interest in the Rescue list is pretty straightforward.  Control
systems typically have a very looong lifecycle.  The control system I
work with now has  50 Sun boxes as operator workstations: 10 -
SparcClassics, 15 - SS5s, 1 - SS20s, 1 - U5s, 13 - U60s.  At home I've
got a Classic, an SS20 and a U60 that I use for various things - some
bought, some rescued.

I enjoy working with old computer hardware - brings back fond memory.
I got my start with computers when my dad brought home a new TRS-80
Color when I was a kid - I remember programming my own versions of
Pong and Asteroids for it and then waiting for them to load off
cassette tape, took forever.  When I went to University in Alaska I
bought an HP41CX - nearly as much fun as the TRS-80 - aside from
useful programs I wrote a lunar lander and a hunt the wumpus for it.
I loved the little mag-strip reader I had for saving programs to.  My
first "real" computer was a few years later, a Zenith clamshell - dual
floppies, blue backlit LCD screen, no HD of course - Zenith gave it to
me for being their student representative at the school.  I also had
an account on the University's MicroVax cluster, and had use of the
math lab's PDP11s - cool lisp keyboard!


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