[rescue] Google Map - My Map feature

Sheldon T. Hall shel at tandem.artell.net
Tue Apr 10 16:24:02 CDT 2007

Quoth Ron Wickersham ...
> i'm in Santa Rosa California, and a nearby town (Sebastopol) 
> is a nuclear-
> free zone so it's illegal to use nuclear devices of any type 
> (including
> medical, smoke detectors) so i guess my collection of Suns 
> and PETs, etc. is safe ;-).

I'm sure the Sebastopol no-nuke zone is mainly to protect Tim O'Reilly, so
we can have new editions of "Unix in a Nutshell" after the Apocolypse.

Our Suns will still be running, so we'll need 'em.


PS:  Put my map push-pin on the waterfront in Seattle.  That's close enough.

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