[rescue] Wanted: 2 SS1000E boards

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Tue Apr 10 15:00:22 CDT 2007

>> I have a couple of boards from a 1000 of some type, but I don't know if
>> it was an E or not. If they won't work for Steve H and someone else
>> would like them, cost of shipping will be fine.
>> I seem to remember that I couldn't get the CPUs in one to work, but that
>> was the one with an older PROM chip, I think. In any case, I believe
>> that they are both full of memory, too.
>> Steve S
> The Sun part numbers for SS1000E boards are:
> 501-2668
> 501-2764
> 501-2765
> 501-2766
> 501-2998
> 501-3038
> 501-3039
> 501-2668 was the part number for the bare board, the other numbers were
> boards with different combinations of CPU and memory pre-installed. Any of
> these will work for me.

Part number on these is 501-2336 on one and 501-2247 on the other. Those 
are the numbers on the plastic back piece. The boards themselves appear 
to have a part number of 500-2336, or is that not really a part number?

In any case, I have these boards here, full of memory, with no home in 
sight. Anyone want for COS or COS plus a stick of RAM for my U5?


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