[rescue] Google Map - My Map feature

Wesley W. Will wwill at siu.edu
Mon Apr 9 08:16:48 CDT 2007

>the Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame...

Yepper, I'd nuke that, for certain.  <shudder>

We have Jr. Chamber of Commerce rodeos every year near here, those are 
fun.  The 4-H folks teach riding and roping, calf-herding, and that sort 
of thing as part of their older kids programs.

"Pro" rodeo is too much like "pro" wrestling.  Lots of hype, too much 
posturing.  Never could stomach it, myself.  I guess somebody has to 
like the stuff.  I'd consider it one of the tortures of He!!, to be 
forced to endure endless "pro" rodeo, especially with a "country music" 
sound track.


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