[rescue] Semi-OT: Circuit-board repair of material-handling controller?

William Enestvedt William.Enestvedt at jwu.edu
Thu Apr 5 08:11:59 CDT 2007

OK, this is possibly on-topic, possibly off-topic, but I seek guidance
form the Collective Entity:

   My brother's got someone with a large materials-handling system, and
a circuit board in the controller croaked. How do we go about finding
someone who will take the board, identify the failure, and repair it? Is
there a Yellow Pages heading I can look or (or STFW)? Is this more of a
"hobbyist" idustry with folks [for some reason I'm thinking of Dave
McGuire] who do this on the side?

Some background follows:
   I have a few digital pictures of this thing, and the best shows a
wall-mounted cabinet opened to reveal a green PCB with a bunch of
resisitors and a few dinky chips, plus what looks to my naive eye like a
240V transformer. A label inside the case says "Raymond Cartousel
COntrol," and some cudely pasted in a test box that says
"840-000-954/02" and "Vari-Speed "240"" (which could refer to the device
being controlled). There's even a wiring diagram inside the wall-mount
box, but they've obscured the middle of it with their notes so I can't
tell if the PCB inquestion is also the thing denoted by "Motor
Interface" in the wiring diagram.

   In 1996 the current vendor-of-record (Remstar) actually bought the
company (Raymond) that originally made this system, and their suggestion
is to send the board in, they'll examine it (and here I'm picturing
something like the opening scene of "2001"), and then have a contact of
theirs suggest a source for the repair. This strikes me as both
expensive *and* slow, but what do I know?

   Thanks for any suggestions on where to start looking: "Obi-Wan,
you're my only hope!"

- Will
Will Enestvedt
UNIX System Administrator
Providence, RI

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