[rescue] I got a new Octane! Why can't I talk to it?

Kevin R. Marshall kevin at mpcf.com
Wed Apr 4 09:13:43 CDT 2007

Have you tried the serial connection without any keyboard/mouse/video hooked up?  

If i recall, the serial console doesn't come up at boot if it sees a keyboard present, regardless of the NVRAM setting.  It should still come up on the console after it finally boots into IRIX, but if there's something stopping it from going into IRIX you'll not see anything on the console (should be Serial 1 BTW).  This could be wrong, but it's what i am vaguely remembering....


On Tue, 3 Apr 2007 21:22:06 -0500
Micah R Ledbetter <vlack-lists at vlack.com> wrote:

> Thanks to the gracious Steve, I'm now in possession of an SGI Octane :).
> I'm probably just being dumb - I've never owned a *working* SGI  
> before - but what do I need to do in order to interact with it? I've  
> tried a sync-on-green monitor + PS/2 kb and mouse, but I get no video  
> signal. I also have a null modem cable and minicom hooked up to a  
> linux machine that didn't get me anywhere, even though I tried both  
> serial ports on the Octane.
> When I boot up, I get the light on the front turning red for a while,  
> and then white. I hear noises like the disk is doing something, but I  
> never get anything over the serial port or video cable, and no  
> messages (or even garble) over the serial line.
> Any suggestions?
>   - Micah
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