[rescue] U60 Serial Console Question

Phil Stracchino phil.stracchino at speakeasy.net
Tue Apr 3 09:58:01 CDT 2007

stephen price wrote:
> what I used to do was plug a laptop into serial port
> "A" and reboot headless & keyboard-less.  Running on
> the laptop was a good terminal emulator with a large
> buffer space to capture all of the console messages so
> that nothing was lost.  It even wrote everything to a
> file if the buffer space filled up.
> I used a program called TeraTermPro (freeware stuff)
> that was (IMHO) just a "whole" lot better than
> hyperterm.

Oh yeah, TeraTerm rocks.

The full version of HyperTerm was actually pretty decent.  However, *by
Microsoft's specific request*, the version shipped with Windows was
*intentionally* crippled.  I never managed to get a good explanation as
to why anyone at Microsoft thought this was a good idea.  Maybe it was
just one of those reflexive things.

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