[rescue] Swap....

Richard Sandwell richard.sandwell at roebry.co.uk
Sat Sep 30 08:52:31 CDT 2006

I'm moving and I've got no room for the following items. Actually, I've 
never had room for them. Ideally, I'd like some G3/G4 mac stuff or an 
ultra 30 or interesting sun stuff - voyager, sun ray stuff) but offering 
beer vouchers works well for me. They WILL go to the tip on the 13th 

Sun E450 1x300mhz processor - 512mb ram (I think...) and it has 6 x 
9.1gb scsi disks
IBM RS/6000 E30 (PReP based) -233mhz 512mb running debian - (that was a 
IBM RS/6000 6030 - PowerSeries 600 (runs aix, and has a go at running 
NetBSD - pcmcia expansion slots!)
Silicon Graphics Indigo R3000 - base level graphics, but has the magic 
keyboard and mouse(!)

Collection from Derbyshire in the UK - I really haven't got the time to 
sort out shipping (or I'd have ebayed them) but I  might be able to help 
out with meeting halfway or delivery for the E450 while the seats are 
out of the people carrier...


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