[rescue] Andataco enclosure

Don Y dgy at DakotaCom.Net
Fri Sep 29 20:17:09 CDT 2006


I inherited a 3 bay, wide SCSI external enclosure -- Andataco
ESP-DK-1S.  Of course, Andataco is no longer.  So, I am looking
for any information to enable me to decide whether or not to
pass this on to a friend or just junk it.

I'm suspicious of ventilation -- thought the attached quote
suggests airflow is good enough to keep cheetahs from meltdown.

But, I am more interested in the purpose of the numerous
indicators and "buttons" on the front panel.

A set of overall indicators and a single pushbutton adorn the
right edge of the front panel.  I am guessing (from the iconic
representations adjacent to each LED) that these indicate
"Temperature", "Fan" and "Power" as "OK" or "Problem"  (the LED's
appear to be bicolor devices -- nominally indicating green when
things look good).  The pushbutton has no obvious role (?)

Each drive bay (removable) has a pushbutton and a bicolor LED.
Also, a set of *4* LEDs arranged in a barchart above each drive.
The single LED appears to indicate overall drive status -- green
when spun up and ready, orange when spinning up.

The button *seems* to allow you to take the drive off-line
(for removal?) -- though it only appears to have some effect
on one of the two drives currently in the case.

Anyone with any firsthand experience with these?  Or,
pointers to other places I might check?


------ clipped from a web page --------

Another external enclosure vendor is Andataco (http://www.andataco.com/, 
800-334-9191 or 619-453-9191. Andataco has a temperature gauge, warning 
indicator, variable speed "smart fan," and a removable drive units. 
Order the ESP DK 1S desktop cabinet enclosure with two ESP 3-3 3.5" 
removable storage elements. This enclosure is rated for up to 3 
Cheetahs. Reseller can supply SCA connection drives to reduce cabling 
costs. Retail cost is in the neighborhood of $500. Andataco would also 
be willing to "turnkey" an enclosure with striped drives with optimized 
mode page settings. Andataco has a limited European presence. Andataco 
has good coverage for Asia and Latin America. Andataco's web pages 
provide detailed information on the enclosure design and SCSI 
troubleshooting. Donovan Perkin is the Director of Channel Sales.

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