[rescue] Anyone want to trade your Sun Blade 100 CPU and RAM for my RAM?

Micah R Ledbetter vlack-lists at vlack.com
Wed Sep 27 23:17:06 CDT 2006

I have a lot of RAM here, and what I need is:
1) A Sun Blade 100 CPU (mine is probably dead)
2) Some PC133 ECC RAM that works in a Sun Blade 100 (it is possible  
that this is dead too, and I'd need some more anyway)

I have the following. All are DIMMs, and all are *exactly* how much I  
know about the product (eg if it doesn't give a speed rating, then I  
don't know it). I can get part numbers if you want them. The only  
other thing that I know about them is that *none* of them made my  
Blade 100 work :( (my theory, though, is that either the CPU is  
broken, the Blade 100 didn't like the PC100-ness of them, or both.  
However, in the interest of full disclosure, I will say that none of  
these have been tested.)

     4x 128MB EDO 60ns Buffered, Compaq
    10x 64MB  ECC PC100 SDRAM, various manufacturers
     4x 64MB  ECC EDO 50ns Low Profile, Compaq
     1x 64MB  ECC EDO 50ns, Samsung
     1x 128MB ECC PC100, Compaq
     1x 128MB ECC PC100 Registered, unknown manufacturer

Make me an offer. I'd like to get 512MB of RAM, 1GB would be grand.  
The most important thing, though, is the CPU, since I don't see one  
for sale on ebay.

  - Micah

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