[rescue] Rubber rot?

aewing aewing at townisp.com
Fri Sep 22 23:40:43 CDT 2006

   > On to a related note (to me, at least), I am aware of
   > two different types of Sun 611 cases: the "disk" (D-type) case has a
   > and SCA connection, internally, for a disk mount; the "tape"
   (T-type) has
   > a 50 pin ribbon connection for narrow SCSI devices.
   > Is there a "T-variant" for *wide* (non SCA) devices?
   There is no such variant because the only 68-pin devices Sun ever
   shipped of that vintage*  were the full-height differential disks used
   in the Differential SCSI Disk  Subsystem (those huge 6-disk trays at
   the bottom of SC2000s & similar). If you want a SCSI enclosure with an
   HD68 cable internally, it'd have to be third-party just like the disk
   you'd be looking to use.
   Hope that helps,
   * AFAIK, the only other 68-pin devices ever used by Sun were a couple
   U320 SCSI disks for the recent  x86 Java workstations. Kinda odd that
   they wouldn't just make these SCA like the rest... they've since moved
   on to SATA/SAS so I doubt there will be any others.

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