[rescue] Rubber rot?

Don Y dgy at DakotaCom.Net
Fri Sep 22 16:58:21 CDT 2006


I'm tired of coming across machines with "rotted" rubber
feet, etc.  It's one thing when you *acuire* it with
"rubber rot" -- you can deal with it *then* -- but even
more annoying when the rot appears long after the device
is settled into its new spot in your home!

E.g., I long ago learned to *remove*/replace rubber feet
on items that would sit *on* pieces of wooden/quality
furniture (to anticipate those feet turning to goo at
some later date and making a holy mess out of that item
of furniture!)

So, what causes this?  are there any prophylactic measures
to ward it off?  Are any types of rubber more susceptible
than others (I am sure these are all synthetics and not
*really* "rubber").  I've had particularly bad luck with
the rubber on Sun devices (e.g., the various "feet").

On to a related note (to me, at least), I am aware of
two different types of Sun 611 cases:  the "disk" (D-type)
case has a sled and SCA connection, internally, for a
disk mount; the "tape" (T-type) has a 50 pin ribbon
connection for narrow SCSI devices.

Is there a "T-variant" for *wide* (non SCA) devices?

[the relationship of the two subjects here is rotted rubber
feet on 611 cases  :> ]


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