[rescue] FS/FT - Stuff needs a new home

stephen price sd_price at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 22 00:23:25 CDT 2006

Help me find a new home for the following:::

Sparc 5-170
192mb ram, 4gb hd, frame buffer
free + shipping or pickup

Sparc SS20
1 proc, 128mb ram, 2x4gb hd, cdrom
free + shipping or pickup

Ultra 10
256 mb ram, 333mhz proc, cdrw, floppy
$20 plus shipping or pickup

Ultra 60
2x300mhz proc, 512mb ram, Creator 3 frame buffer,
cdrom, 2x4gb hd, usb card
$75 plus shipping or pickup

Shipping from 76148 - fedex grnd.
Contact me off list please.

ftw tx

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