[rescue] 64mb ram for ultra-1,2,...

Arthur Wouk awouk at nilenet.com
Thu Sep 21 18:04:13 CDT 2006

there is a lot of interest in the 128mb sticks:

>Subject: Re: [rescue] Question: Interest in $20/Gig RAM for Ultra
>	1/2/30/60/80/etc...

well, i have an ultra-2 which came with 64mb sticks. i pulled them all and
replaced them with 128mbs when i got the machine from honathan patschke.

so, is there anyone interested in the 16 64mb sticks, which come in packs of
four (they have to be installed in packs of four). price negotiable, but i am
looking for a 512mb stick and a scsi card for a sun blade 100/150. maybe a
trade is possible.   

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