[rescue] Sun Ultra 60 pricing

Kevin Fitzgerrell fitzgerrell at gmail.com
Thu Sep 21 17:52:50 CDT 2006

> Charles Shannon Hendrix wrote:
> "Computer Connection" is selling Ultra 60 machines on eBay for $195
> each.
> <snip>
> Sound like a good deal?  Anyone ever buy from these guys before?

If "Computer Connection" is CCNY I bought 10 U60s and 5 U5s from them last
year for similar prices (I think the U5s were $95).  I had them custom
configure the U60s (add floppy, DVD drive, 2nd video, 2nd ethernet, single
450mhz CPU) which raised the price per unit by about $50 (which I thought
was outstanding).  They palletized these and air freighted these to me in
New Zealand for me for a shipping cost of about $1000.

I had problems with three of the floppy drives on the U60s and two of the CD
drives on the U5s on initial testing -- they had new ones in my hands a week

I was very pleased with this vendor's service and product.

Kevin FitzGerrell

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