[rescue] Real amp draw of E3000

William Enestvedt William.Enestvedt at jwu.edu
Thu Sep 21 14:59:37 CDT 2006

Mike wrote:
> ... I watched half a 'data centre' loose power twice in 5 hours
> because of loading issues (and a *very* big burn out fuse).
   On the 2005 Father's Day weekend (which was also my birthday), a rack
of my core production servers did that dance on a set of PDUs. One PDU's
breaker would trip, every server's whole load would fall over to its
other PSU, and the next PDU would die as the first came back up. It
happened for a couple of hours before I got in -- luckily nothing died
permanently. (Good enough servers, those Sun 480s.)

   "Racking creep" had ended up with four servers and two RAIDs on two
(three, maybe, I forget) 15A PDUs. I should have seen it coming! *blush*
I ended up putting four 20A PDUs into the rack on four separate supply

   Anyway, I just realized I had a rack of three-phase gear which still
had both open spaces and an empty, live 15A PDU. So the V40z has a new
home, atop some TEST servers.

   Thank you to everyone who stayed tuned. And I am now going to expand
the catalog  I made last year of our heat output (when a chiller died in
August -- don't ask...) to include power draw at maximum rated, and try
to get the nominal draw measured by our
former-missle-tech-turned-too-often-bored Wang operator. Maybe he can
teach me some more of this using puppets or something. :7)

- Will
Will Enestvedt
UNIX System Administrator
Providence, RI

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