[rescue] Real amp draw of E3000

William Enestvedt William.Enestvedt at jwu.edu
Thu Sep 21 08:54:34 CDT 2006

Patrick wrote:
> I think, based on my experience with an E4000, that you should budget
> 750W available for when it starts, and about 400W to 500W continuous.
> I think 340W continuous was what the E4000 used with 8x250Mh
> CPUs, 5-6GB and a few internal disks.

   I *love* real world data, thank you!

   When I called Sun last year about the PSUs on a V490 with 208 plugs,
I got a long run-around saying that I would have to _hire_ Sun
professional Services in order to ask this question. See, the Sun
Spectrum Support people couldn't tell me anything about the power as it
was "a liability issue." *snort*

   Have you got any idea about the amps, though? I think my twin PDUs
are rated for 20 amp (on 20 amp circuits, I know that much!), and I want
to put in a V40z (10 amp max.) where I already have a 420R (6.3), a
4-CPU E3500 (9.5), a 280R (9.2), a 12-drive A1000 (2.6), and a 15" CRT.

   I know, I know, that's a total of almost 30 amps now with the V40z
bringing in up to 10 more -- but it's never failed before, and I really
don't think I can trust those maximums for real world math.

   *sigh* Maybe I should have stayed in engineering school instead of
getting an English degree...

   Thanks again.

- Will
Will Enestvedt
UNIX System Administrator
Providence, RI

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