[rescue] Pinouts for C2T on IBM 330?

Sean Worle worlebird at gmail.com
Fri Sep 15 11:02:43 CDT 2006

I have just aquired an IBM eServer 330.  I have one of the coupling C2T cables 
(which is used to chain multiple servers together to a single 
keyboard/mouse/monitor), but I don't have a breakout cable.

I can connect a monitor by putting in a video card, and a mouse by using the 
USB port.  For the keyboard, I'm stuck.

I really just need to hook up a keyboard long enough for me to verify that the 
server actually runs well (I got is used, dirt cheap), install an OS, and get 
it on my network.  Once there, I can install a remote managment program and 
then take care of the thing over the network.  So I don't need a permanent 

I have looked on eBay, and those breakout cables run $150+ !!!  That's a lot 
more than I paid for the server in the first place!  I really just need a 
temporary solution for hooking up a keyboard.  If anyone knows the pinouts for 
the C2T connection, I could splice a keyboard in to my C2T chaining cable.


Thanks in advance!


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