[rescue] Question: Interest in $20/Gig RAM for Ultra 1/2/30/60/80/etc...

Lionel Peterson lionel4287 at verizon.net
Fri Sep 15 09:42:15 CDT 2006

Hello all,

On eBay there is a HUGE LOT of 128 Meg RAM DIMMs for Ultra 1/2/30/60/80/etc for sale (280 pieces @ $490 + $40 S/H), and while I could use some, I CERTAINLY have no use for all that RAM.

Question: Would anyone here be interested in taking some of this off my hands if I were to get the entire lot?

A bank of 8 DIMMs (1 Gig of RAM) would cost me just over $15, and if I could sell it for, say, $20 for a bank of 8 (or $10 a bank of 4) plus actual shipping I'd consider buying the lot and breaking it up for various buyers.

I'd have 35 1 Gig sets available, and if I can find buyers for about half those sets I'd be happy to do it.

If interested, please contact me off-list. If you want to buy all the 280 DIMMs yourself, the item number of the auction is below. Expressing interest would not commit you to a purchase, but if you could make a firm commitment, that would be nice too. I'd prefer PayPal, but other payment terms can be arranged.

eBay Item number: 130003025489

Honestly, I think that is a good price per piece, and the real savings is the shipping - I think I could stuff about 10-15 sets of DIMMs in a $12 Flat Rate USPS Priority Mail box (compare with $9.95 for each set of 4 DIMMs via regular eBay auctions)...


(Mr. Bill - sorry for such a "commercial" posting, if this is over the top, I apologize, but I view this as a community purchase - if you run the numbers, deduct PayPal charges, and factor in time and effort, I hope you'll agree this would be a non-profit exercise for me - it is really about extending a deal out to the list members)

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