[rescue] Sun Blade 100: no video, no beep on poweron

Micah R Ledbetter vlack-lists at vlack.com
Fri Sep 15 01:30:28 CDT 2006

On Sep 14, 2006, at 21:05, Bryan Gurney wrote:
> I thought that Suns only beep when powered on with a keyboard  
> connected
> (the speaker that beeps is inside the keyboard; the box itself doesn't
> have a buzzer, aside from the soundcard).  Then again, the newest  
> thing
> that I have is an Ultra 60, but I remember when I got it, the  
> seller said
> that he didn't know if it was working.  It turned out that it was
> configured to only accept input and display output through ttya:

That's honestly what I was hoping for :).
I didn't think that the beepage would be disabled when the machine  
was configured for console-mode access. Good to know.

  - Micah

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