[rescue] Sun Blade 100: no video, no beep on poweron

Ethan O'Toole ethan at 757tech.net
Thu Sep 14 09:34:11 CDT 2006

> I just bought a broken Sun Blade 100 on ebay for $20 (hooray local
> pickup), and I want to see if I can fix it. When I boot it up with a
> keyboard and display attached, the hard disk, fans, etc all receive
> power, but the machine doesn't beep, and nothing is displayed to
> video. The ebay auction just said "Doesn't POST, no beep".

Is it the _SUN_ keyboard?

> I would have tried connecting to ttya, but my understanding is that
> it should beep regardless, and I don't have a cable handy until this
> weekend anyway.

If I recall, these units will only work with a Sun USB keyboard. We had
USB to PS/2 adaptors to connect one to a KVM switch and found that with
other keyboards the Sun was unable to ID them and would revert to Serial

Not sure if this still holds true, or if some USB keyboards work.

				- Ethan

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