[rescue] Possible Suns, SGIs, RS/6000 for pickup in Austin

Doug McLaren dougmc at frenzied.us
Mon Sep 11 11:47:34 CDT 2006

A company I'm working for is getting rid of a bunch of our old
hardware.  I believe the current plan is to let some recycler pick it
up, but I can probably let some workstations be rescued if somebody
will pick up.

Hardware in question would include :

a Power (pre-PPC) RS/6000 desktop box.
Sparcsation 2
Sparcsation 10
SGI R4000 Indigo^2
SGI R8000 Indigo^2
SGI Indys
some PCs, 386, 486, 586 and a Ppro or pII or so.

None of these boxes will include hard drives or media or anything like
that, but if you're nice we might let you poke around in the box of
drives collected after we've erased them all (which might be a while.)
The drives in question would be like 1-4 GB SCSI drives, mostly narrow

I don't know if the call to the recycler has gone out or yet, but if
there's any interest in coming to pick this stuff up (we're not
shipping!) I'll see if I can delay it.

Doug McLaren, dougmc at frenzied.us
Avast ye scurvy dogs!  Prepare to be boarded!

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