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Phil Stracchino phil.stracchino at speakeasy.net
Sat Sep 9 11:02:10 CDT 2006

I'm so temptet to jump on these myself, but honestly I haven't a clue
where we'd put them.  We don't even have all of our boxes unpacked yet,
and we're about to reorganize our office/lower den to fit in a piano.

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Subject: vaxen

14. OFFER: (Nashua) Old DEC VAX, Alpha, and Intel
computer gear...
    Posted by: "John Francini" francini at mac.com
    Date: Fri Sep 8, 2006 4:48 pm (PDT)

[Sent a second time because Yahoo appears to have
eaten it. If this
is a duplicate, I apologise in advance -- John

I have some old DEC computer gear I would like to find
homes for.

Be sure to read the NOTE WELL at the bottom before you


	1 DEC VAX 4000-400, 128 MB memory, 3 RFxx disk drives
		* R400x box with 6 more disk drives (none larger
than 1 GB)
	 	* External SCSI DAT drive
		* External SCSI CD drive (for software installation)
		* External thin-wire to Twisted-Pair Ethernet
converter box
		* DSSI cables

	1 DIGITAL Personal Workstation 400a/au, 512 MB
memory, unsure of
	  disk complement (Alpha architecture)

	1 DIGITAL Personal Workstation 500au, 128 MB memory,
unsure of
	  disk complement (Alpha architecture)

	1 DEC AlphaStation 200 workstation, 128 MB memory,
unsure of disk

	2 DIGITAL Server 7000R rack-mount systems. Quad 200
MHz Pentium Pro
	  processors. Unknown memory complement. 8 PCI slots,
several EISA
	  slots, wide SCSI buses. Each has 2 4-GB removable
hard drives.
	  These are LARGE and HEAVY rack-mount system
drawers, with triple-
	  redundant power supplies.  Unknown if they work.

	2 SWXRA-Z1 RAID arrays, one with 6 4-GB removable
drives, the other
	  with 7. Unknown if the arrays work.

Dumb Terminals:

	1 VT420-CA (Green Screen) video terminal.

	2 VT240 video terminal system boxes with keyboards
	1 VR241 color monitor (goes with VT240 system boxes)

Terminal Server:

	1 DECserver 700 (model DSRVW-ZC)

NOTE WELL:  With the exception of the DIGITAL Server
7000R systems,
NONE of this gear will run Intel-based software such
as Windows XP or
Linux for x86. And the DIGITAL Server 7000R systems
are LARGE and
HEAVY rack-mount systems.

The VAX and the Alphas will run OpenVMS, Tru64 UNIX,
or FreeBSD
operating systems.

I'd ideally like to make this stuff go away all in one
lump if

Pickup is in Nashua (Exit 4-5 west-side area).

John Francini, francini at mac.com

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