[rescue] Xeon 700Mhz/2MB or 900Mhz ?

Patrick Giagnocavo patrick at zill.net
Thu Sep 7 17:49:38 CDT 2006

I have an old IBM xSeries 350 a/k/a Netfinity 6000R  (8682-4RY) that 
has 6GB of RAM and 4x Xeon 700Mhz/1MB L2 cache processors.

Amazingly, upgrading the firmware to the latest boosted performance by 
quite a bit, but I have the opportunity to buy either 700Mhz/2MB or 
900Mhz (1MB or 2MB) CPUs to get a little more speed.

Anyone have experience in terms of which one to go with?  The L2 cache 
on these CPUs runs at full speed, but I am wondering if going from 
700/1MB to 700/2MB will be noticeable.

(Application:  multi-threaded web server sitting on top of Oracle 9i on 
Centos 4.x)

I can't seem to find a good source of SPECint numbers or similar to 
help me in making a decision.



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