[rescue] speaking of WEP

Sevan / Venture37 venture37 at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 6 22:15:14 CDT 2006

Slightly offtopic,but still about wifi,I've just rolled a freesbie based on 
FreeBSD 6.1, It comes bundled with everything needed to setup a managed wifi 
access point / hotspot.


There is a basic n00b guide bundled with the .tgz file, it's all very 
straight forward. I plan to cover the other BSD's aswell & offer a live cd 
based on them once the FreeBSD version is fully automated.

You can grab a copy of the .iso here:

or via bittorrent from the freesbie project from:

I'm working on making a flash image available aswell, so stay tuned! :)

Sevan / Venture37

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