[rescue] IBM RS/6000 7025-F50 parts sought & F40 parts offered

Patrick Finnegan pat at computer-refuge.org
Mon Sep 4 12:42:54 CDT 2006

On Sunday 03 September 2006 23:57, r.stricklin wrote:
> I'm building out a 7025-F50 to replace an F40.
> I am looking for:
> * 2x dual 332 MHz F50 processor cards
> * 1x F50 "Sidewinder" memory card
> * >= 4x 128 MB 200-pin memory modules
> * 6-pack SSA backplane w/ wiring & panel kit
> * >= 2x SSA drive trays, no drives required.

I've got memory riser cards and a few hundred 128MB dimms that'd work 
with your F50. :)  I wouldn't mind some 128MB dimms for my F40, and a 
few disk trays -- might also be interested in the processor, I'd need 
to check what proc my F40 has in it first.

Or, cash would work for the parts too, if you have someone else 
interested in the whole machine or something.


> I have to offer in trade or to other interested parties any parts
> from my F40, including:
> * 233 MHz F40 processor module, also fits 43P-240
> * 8x 128 MB 168-pin DIMMs
> * 3x 6-pack SCSI backplane, w/ wiring & panel kits
> * 68-pin and SCA drive trays
> * etc.

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