[rescue] Pinball machine available

der Mouse mouse at Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA
Tue Oct 17 13:56:41 CDT 2006

Okay, it's not quite typical fodder for here, but it seems to me to be
close enough to count as on-topic.

Two friends of mine (okay, a friend and an acquaintance) have a pinball
machine.  But it's sitting in a barn and they'd like to get it in the
hands of someone who'll use/appreciate it before winter hits (it's been
there for a few months, but this would be its first winter).

I've never seen it myself.  Here's what I've been told:

It's a "Data East Robocop" machine.  No date apparent to the person who
looked (whom I'd primed to look for a date).  One piece of glass is
shattered; from the description, it sounds to me like the backglass -
the vertical glass with artwork in front of the scoring and status
displays at the back of the machine.  I'm told it's also functionally
broken in some minor way, but the person who characterized the
malfunction as "minor" is no pinball expert, so I have no idea how
accurate the characterization is.  I also have no better description of
the malfunction.

The machine is near Ottawa (Ontario, Canada).

So, my questions: (1) is it worth anything in its current shape, or
does the damage (and/or maltreatment) cut its value to the point where
it's comparable to the cost of hauling it away?  (2) anyone have more
specific relevant questions that can be answered by someone not versed
in pinball machines or electromech devices in general?

Oh, and (3) anyone want it? :-)  (I'd be tempted myself except I have
no place to put it.)

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