[rescue] advice on rescuing an e10k

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Tue Oct 31 18:12:08 CST 2006

>>My tape robot is sitting here with me, and it says "Archive Python".
> I also had an Archive Python until about a month ago when it
> stopped working. Mine took 4GB native (120m) tapes.  It was a
> 5.25" drive, full height, internal, and it came with a 4-tape
> magazine.  I never upgraded to the 12-tape magazine but I assume
> the drive stayed slid out for that to work rather than requiring an
> empty bay above and below.

Exactly what it does. I have had several of those at work over the past 
five years or so. They generally worked well, but we did wear out 
several over the years. We also got them for $100 to $300 so the price 
was right.

At the time (five, maybe six, years ago) with a small budget, the idea 
of getting 48G on tape without having to change tapes manually was 
pretty cool.

We now have HP 4mm drives that hold 6 tapes in an odd 3-on-each-side 
cartridge. I'm not quite as confident with them.


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