[rescue] Last Call for ordering your Alpha system

Ethan O'Toole ethan at 757tech.net
Mon Oct 30 18:15:13 CST 2006

> Neat.
> I used to have one but moved to Sun and PC instead.  I wish I'd kept it.

I've got a rackmount Alphaserver 2100 with your name written all over it.

I've gotta clean the office out. It's turning more into a geek clubhouse
(for a short while, at least).

I've sort of fallen into some other toys. The office is turning more into
an arcade:

Sad thing is, right now only the MK4 works. The Ms Pac Man is sort of
close, just needs a new connector (oh what fun it will be recrimp all them

Pinballs are in various states... the electromechnical is close I think.
It's frigging amazing dude. More fascinating than the digital ones... All
these solenoids and wheels of contacts. It's neat.

The one machine I really want is a Donkey Kong tho. Eventually one will
show up. In the meantime, boards to repair, coils to replace, and fuses to

				- Ethan

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