[rescue] Ultra 2 bases still available (incl. new config)

Lionel Peterson lionel4287 at verizon.net
Sun Oct 29 07:13:19 CST 2006

Hello all, I still have a bunch of Ultra 2 bases available, as a reminder the prices went like this:

For Free*: Bare Ultra 2 base w/CD-ROM - no HD, no RAM, a 167 or 200 MHz CPU (if wanted)

For $10*: The above, plus a pair of 300 MHz CPUs

For $25*: The above, plus 16x 32 Meg DIMMs (512 Meg total) and a TGX framebuffer

And the new configuration...

For $50*: Ultra 2 base w/CD-ROM drive, dual 300 MHz CPUs, 16x 64 Meg DIMMs (1024 Meg total) and a TGX framebuffer

Note: * All above prices are plus actual shipping. The systems I've shipped so far were to east-coast destinations, and ran about $15 via FedEx Ground.

Sorry for the re-post, but I thought a few folks might be interested before I go out and try to eBay them...

If interested, please contact me off-list,

Lionel at verizon dot net 

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