[rescue] advice on rescuing an e10k

Kevin Loch kloch at gurunet.net
Fri Oct 27 19:21:21 CDT 2006

Bill Bradford wrote:
> On Fri, Oct 27, 2006 at 05:06:32PM -0400, Charles Shannon Hendrix wrote:
>> Name something that is mission criticial in any sort of real world
>> sense.
> *.root-servers.net.
>> You won't be able to name *ANYTHING* that some part of the world will
>> not just yawn at.
> If *.root-servers.net goes down, shit hits the fan.

If all 13 go down for a week then yes, otherwise most people
will have NS glue for popular tld's cached.  some isp's may even
serve a copy of the zone themselves.

now if all *.gtld-servers.net go down then the fun would begin right away.

- Kevin

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