[rescue] Lossless audio capture

Ethan O'Toole ethan at 757tech.net
Fri Oct 27 12:33:38 CDT 2006

> Yep.  I was wrong about the S/PDIF inputs.  An Indy has 'em.  So does an
> Indigo2.
> -Shel

And the original Indigo, and possibly some of the personal IRIS
machines!!! I'm not 100% on the 4d's tho.

The octane has lightpipe / ADAT ports as well. The Octane can do 8
channels @ 48khz at once. I don't know if you can do more over lightpipe.
(If anyone has a DA88 or ADAT XT20 they want to get rid of tho...).

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