[rescue] advice on rescuing an e10k

William Enestvedt William.Enestvedt at jwu.edu
Thu Oct 26 11:23:20 CDT 2006

Nadine asked me:
> >
> > I will cheefully suggest that there are lessons to be learned -- and
> > tools to be borrowed -- from Linux for use in Solaris shops.
> What kind of tools/lessons are you thinking of?
   Oh, I used to have a lot of Solaris 8 systems, and I  am sayign that
without 3rd party scipts & code -- that is, only using what shipped from
Sun on the Solaris CDs -- I'd've been stuck writing a lot of tools from

> Would you say that about using Windows for "mission critical"
> services?
    Don't make me say something I will regret. (Also, it will be less
"saying" something than making a little animal noise.)

> Speaking purely from the perspective of having to
> support large numbers of systems, I think there is a lot to be said
> for homogeneous configurations, barring over-riding requirements for
> some feature in a given application that is not available on your
> preferred OS.
   Exactly! I'm not speaking against monocultures per se, just against
the mindset that resists ideas that don't come shrink-wrapped from the
vendor. If use of a single platform is a conscious choice, then more
power to you; if it's intertia or fear that keep you from looking
outside your comfortable little world, then I think you're a dope.

> In an ideal world, IT people would look down the road whenever they
> build out something and hedge against future requirements.

   What galls me is not that people are hemmed in by budgetary
restraints but that they're incurious about the existence of other
options, and use their limited funds as an excuse to take the easy,
feature-limited, proprietary way out.

   'Nuff said, my blood pressure is rising. :7) I think we agree.

- Will
Will Enestvedt
UNIX System Administrator
Providence, RI

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