[rescue] Help id'ing SunPCi revisions

Brock Johnson wildefire at brotay.net
Fri Oct 20 22:33:19 CDT 2006

You can figure out which card you have based on the memory on it. The 
original SunPCI's used PC66 SDRAM in the standard 168 pin form. The 
later cards all use SODIMM sticks. SunPCI-II/IIPro use SDRAM, the 

For the original cards I know you're stuck with the 1.3 version driver, 
I've never had a II/III card to play with so I can't speak for them.

Don Y wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a Sun PCi card ("Chimera") but have been unable to
> figure out which *version* of the card it is (and, thus,
> which version of the drivers to use!).
> Can anyone point me to a pictoral (!) reference for these?
> The Sun site seems to only show the latest version (which
> I am pretty sure is NOT what I have  :<  )
> Alternatively, can anyone comment on whether or not the
> *latest* driver would be smart enough to handle all
> previous revisions (from what I have been able to
> gather, this is NOT the case...)
> Thanks!
> --don
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