[rescue] Help needed rescuing a HP9000/K370

Andrew Gaylard ag at computer.org
Sun Oct 15 13:46:57 CDT 2006

Hi rescuers,

Last Thursday, I purchased two K370s and a K570 for
just $25 each (roughly).  My plan is to use the parts from
two of them to beef up the third one with RAM and CPUs.

However, when I put four CPUs into the K570, it never
detects the CPU in slot 1, and complains that "CPUs are
not installed in numerical order, 0-5" (or something along
those lines).

When I put the same four CPUs into one of the K370s, all's
well until I fill up slot 3, at which point the LCD display,
which normally says "switch off", suddenly becomes blank,
and the machine refuses to power up.  Oddly enough, I can
move that CPU to slot 4 (using 0, 1, 2, and 4), and the
machine again works OK -- except that it again complains
that CPU 3 is missing (which is true).

Is these some magic that I need to tell the BIOS before
adding CPUs?

Is there some hidden jumper?

What am I doing wrong here? Feel free to wield the clue-
stick with abandon...

Thanks for any pointers,

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