[rescue] Using old MC5 terminal on Sun Fire V210

William Enestvedt William.Enestvedt at jwu.edu
Wed Oct 11 13:11:20 CDT 2006

I think I got it!

   Just to be sure, I yanked out the KVM's USB (keyboard) cable from the
V210's USB port. Then, to the terminal!

   First, the MC5 had to be set to half-duplex. Next, I ditched the old
cable I'd been using on it. (In my own defense, that cable worked for
*years* on the Sequent!) Instead, I plugged an ordinary Cat5 cable into the
V210's "SERIAL MGHT" port and its other end into the silver
DB25(Male)-to-RJ45(female) adapter that came in the V210's carton. The
adapter went into the MC5's "Main" port, and then suddenly things went

   At first I had the terminal on ffuullll--dduupplleexx, but then I toggled
it to Half Duplex and my headache faded. :&) After that I was able to enter
all the usuall 'sysconfig' information and then the server rebooted.

   I found inspiration in a blog post by a Boston-area guy:

   (...time passes...)

   Now it boots and I can change servcies and do all sorts of stuff -- like
set diag-level to "min"!! Of course it still ignores the keyboard & LCD, but
maybe that's just....gowing pains?

   Thanks for help, everyone. In the future I will be less trusting of old

- Will
William Enestvedt
UNIX System Administrator   |  Providence, RI

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