[rescue] Using old MC5 terminal on Sun Fire V210

Sheldon T. Hall shel at tandem.artell.net
Tue Oct 10 15:43:50 CDT 2006

Quoth William Enestvedt ...
> How can I cable up an MC5 terminal to a Sun Fire V210?
>    I am trying to set up a new Sun Fire V210 and the Administration
> Guide tells me to use the serial port to set a password during the
> initial install. I have an old terminal that was on our Sequent server
> some years ago. Can I use the terminal on the V210?
>    The terminal's back bears a tag with "Link Technologies" on it as
> well as "Model: Sequent-MC5" -- so I think this is a Link 
> [now owned by
> Wyse] MC5, as shown here:
>      www.wyse.com/service/discontd/terminals/linkmc5.asp
>    When I plug the MC5's RJ45-to-25-pin cable right into the V210's
> "Serial cable" jack I do see the progress of the self-test, 
> but it won't
> take any input from the MC5's keyboard (including the hash-period (#.)
> combination to dump out of the self-test to the 'sc' prompt).
>    The MC5 is already 9600-8-N-1, though it defaults to XON/XOFF
> flow-control on transmit but not receive.
>    I doubt that it's the cable because I recall using this MC5 as a
> terminal and typing on it.
>    Does this require interposing an adapter as I do between Sun Fire
> servers and Cyclades terminal servers (whose adapter doesn't help), or
> some configuration on the MC5? I have dug through the UNIX Serial Port
> Resources pages and STFW, but I have come up empty.

Try disabling _all_ handshaking and flow control on the terminal.


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