[rescue] LX built-in TP port bad (was: question about sparc10 ethernet controller)

Don Y dgy at DakotaCom.Net
Sat Oct 7 11:40:20 CDT 2006

Per Sandstrom wrote:
> Better late than never.
> Arthur Wouk wrote:
>> one of my 'good' ss10s fails the 'test net' test on boot. error code -1,
>> no attached cable or network. the same network connection plugged into any
>> other sun machines work just fine (same cable). i conclude that the ethernet
>> controller is shot. anyone have any other ideas?
> Yes, in fact I do. It doesn't need to be the ethernet controller. Early 
> SS10s sometimes had problems auto-detecting which ethernet port (AUI or 
> TPE) is connected to the network. I do have one of those myself, and I 
> remember having read a bug report relating to this matter.

I have an LX with a similar problem -- though I suspect there
is a *real* hardware problem, there.

plug known good cable into known good 10BaseT hub and no light on
the hub (though an SS5 with the same cable/port lights up solid)

ping another host and hub light blinks (i.e. during traffic)

test net-tpe yields success on external loopback test EVEN WITH

by contrast, a Classic (similar machine) reports success iff cable
is attached to hub (and, after test, hub light remains lit)

running NetBSD on this box reports i/f as "active" (when configured
with "... media 10BaseT") yet will NOT complain of "lost carrier"
if cable is disconnected (whereas adding a second NIC *will*
complain vociferously)

Note that the MII connection with a 10Base5 transceiver seems
to work OK.

I suspect the built-in TP port is toasted?  Are there any parts
I can salvage off the Classic to patch the LX?


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