[rescue] Challenge, anyone?

Steve Hatle shatle at nfldinet.com
Fri Oct 6 15:30:03 CDT 2006

On 10/6/06 1:48 PM, "Sheldon T. Hall" wrote:

> The boards, especially 4-CPU R10K processor boards, late-model IO4 (SCSI)
> boards whose part numbers end in -107 or later, memory boards with 64 MB
> SIMMs, etc.  People will pay actual money for a VFE 100base NIC, though I
> dunno why.  Ditto fiber-optic networking stuff.  Video options, though rare,
> might be valuable.  The disk sleds and power supplies are nice to have, too.

Thanks for the heads up- I'll be sure to reference whatever boards I can.

> Are you planning to bring it back whole, or strip it there?

I think the preference from the owner is that I take it whole. Hasn't really
been discussed. A lot depends on how much space and shock travel is left on
the vehicle once everything else is loaded :-)

> Don't I owe you a package?  I forgot all about it, what with the various
> local upheavals. 

Yup- there should be an Apple /// and assorted goodies lurking around your
place somewhere. You tell me how much to ship, and I'll send the $$.


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