[rescue] Challenge, anyone?

Sheldon T. Hall shel at tandem.artell.net
Fri Oct 6 13:48:31 CDT 2006

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> All,
> I'm heading out on a road trip from Mpls. To Sioux Falls SD 
> tomorrow to pick
> up some Sun gear. (E3K, E3.5K, E4K, probably a SparcCenter2000)
> The person at the other end also has an SGI Challege XL of an unknown
> configuration.
> I'm not sure I need a bookend for my O2K rack, but the price is fairly
> attractive (plus fuel costs and Doan's Pills). So- the 
> question is would
> people have an interest in pieces/parts or the whole machine? 
> What things
> would the machine have to have to make you make me want to 
> bring it home and
> part it out for you? :-)

The boards, especially 4-CPU R10K processor boards, late-model IO4 (SCSI)
boards whose part numbers end in -107 or later, memory boards with 64 MB
SIMMs, etc.  People will pay actual money for a VFE 100base NIC, though I
dunno why.  Ditto fiber-optic networking stuff.  Video options, though rare,
might be valuable.  The disk sleds and power supplies are nice to have, too.

'Cause they are huge and run on 220, an XL is an "acquired taste," but there
are quite a few home users.  The deskside units are a bit more reasonable (I
love mine), but won't hold as much stuff as the rack monsters.

Are you planning to bring it back whole, or strip it there?

Don't I owe you a package?  I forgot all about it, what with the various
local upheavals. 


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