[rescue] Challenge, anyone?

Ethan O'Toole ethan at 757tech.net
Fri Oct 6 11:49:21 CDT 2006

> All,
> I'm heading out on a road trip from Mpls. To Sioux Falls SD tomorrow to pick
> up some Sun gear. (E3K, E3.5K, E4K, probably a SparcCenter2000)
> The person at the other end also has an SGI Challege XL of an unknown
> configuration.
> I'm not sure I need a bookend for my O2K rack, but the price is fairly
> attractive (plus fuel costs and Doan's Pills). So- the question is would
> people have an interest in pieces/parts or the whole machine? What things
> would the machine have to have to make you make me want to bring it home and
> part it out for you? :-)

Did this come from the NASA EOS Data center outside of Sioux Falls, SD?

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