[rescue] U60 "freezing" issue

Scott Newell newell at cei.net
Fri Oct 6 10:57:59 CDT 2006

At 10:49 AM 10/6/2006 , Lionel Peterson wrote:

>[0] I just "scored" on ebay an Ultra 60 w/dual 450s, 512 Meg RAM (or
more), and 
>an 18 Gig HD for just over $150 (shipped) - the price was dreadfully high, 
>unless you also consider it had an XVR-600 framebuffer installed, a several 
>hundred dollar option ;^) All I wanted was the framebuffer for my Sunblade

$150 for that config is high?  I recently gave $90 (shipped) for a U60,
2GB, dual (slow) cpus, and a couple of small drives.  I don't feel ripped
off, but I do wish that the onboard ethernet worked.


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