[rescue] Netra t1 105 available

Lionel Peterson lionel4287 at verizon.net
Tue Oct 3 12:11:34 CDT 2006

Hello all,

I've finally given up on the Netra t1 105 (440 MHz) that I couldn't get to boot. The LOM works OK, but the host system appears dead.

Inside the system (with the top and plastic shroud removed) there are two LEDs or the left edge of the MB, up against the power supply, that apparently should light up when the system is on. These do not. Also, anyone know the purpose of the two switches next to the LEDs? Finally, anyone know what those connector blocks are along the same edge of the MB (they appear to be a keyboard/mouse connector and an RJ-45, but I don't want to remove the MB just to see what they are).

My other Netra t1 105 boots fine, and I am planning to use it as a low-end server at home, but this machine is available as-is. It is a base Netra t1 105, no HD, no CD, 440 MHz CPU, and one 256 Meg card (marked "4 stack only"). No rack hardware, no front cover - just the system base itself. If anyone is interested in it, please contact me off-list.


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