[rescue] question about sparc10 ethernet controller

der Mouse mouse at Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA
Mon Oct 2 17:30:58 CDT 2006

>> if not, is there a scsi card which will give me working ethernet for
>> a sparc10? anyone have one?
> there are le, hme, and iirc gig-e sbus cards, any of which should
> work for you.  the le cards are generally considered virtually
> worthless these days; you might get one for free.

Well, awouk wrote "a scsi card".  This could be a typo/thinko for "an
sbus card" or it could really mean "a scsi/ethernet combo card".

awouk, if you really meant "an sbus card", and 10Mb is good enough for
you, yes, I think I have enough spares I wouldn't mind sending you one
(though this is contingent on my memory being correct - I'll have to
check when I get home).  Do you want DA15 AUI, 10base2, 10baseT,
combinations thereof, what?  Drop me a line off-list (best to send to
both mouse at rodents.montreal.qc.ca and mouse at netbsd.org) and if what you
want isn't in my collection, I'll write back and tell you so.

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