[rescue] question about sparc10 ethernet controller

Sandwich Maker adh at an.bradford.ma.us
Mon Oct 2 17:10:16 CDT 2006

" From: awouk at nilenet.com (Arthur Wouk)
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" one of my 'good' ss10s fails the 'test net' test on boot. error code -1,
" no attached cable or network. the same network connection plugged into any
" other sun machines work just fine (same cable). i conclude that the ethernet
" controller is shot.
" []
" so, is there a single chip which is the controller, and can i try to move
" one from my bases (none of which had ethernet connection problems)?

i think it is still a separate chip on the ss10, an amd am7990 lance
ethernet - hence 'le' name.  it's probably surface-mount soldered,
which is not generally something for the hobbyist to mess with.

" if not, is there a scsi card which will give me working ethernet for a
" sparc10? anyone have one?

there are le, hme, and iirc gig-e sbus cards, any of which should work
for you.  the le cards are generally considered virtually worthless
these days; you might get one for free.

" the machine has a ross hypersparc 150mhs cpu, 512mb ram, and a fast,
" cool-running 4gig modern 50 pin hard drive in it, and could probably take
" another such without overheating. i hate to give up on it.

i had a pair of 4g hawks in my ss2.  the only problem i had with them
stemmed from the ps fan's death when i wasn't home.  at that time they
were some 8 years in service.
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