[rescue] DYNIX/ptx Version 4.x Media

Michael-John Turner mj at turner.org.za
Thu Nov 30 22:16:05 CST 2006

On Thu, Nov 30, 2006 at 12:52:05PM -0800, John Floren wrote:
> You wouldn't happen to know how to get such a username and password,
> would you? ;-)
> Some of that stuff could be interesting.

I don't unfortunately :( I've dug around the forums at www.sunwizard.net
but not found anything that looks useful in terms of getting access. Of
course, it could be because my French is rather poor :)

> As for the legal aspect, it may not be strictly legal, but I doubt
> anyone would come after you as long as you didn't charge money for it
> and only posted older (no longer supported) operating systems. I'm all
> for the idea, myself :-)

Yeah, I guess it would work until a vendor got wind of it - heck a fair
number of the companies for whom they had OSes are no longer around (NeXT,

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