[rescue] OpenVMS CDs

Clemson, Chris Chris.Clemson at softwareag.co.uk
Thu Nov 30 08:24:35 CST 2006

I have got the following CDs that we are going to chuck out soon if
no-one wants them:

OpenVMS Freeware v3.0 (Nov 96)
OpenVMS VAX Operating System v7.1 Binaries (Dec 96)
OpenVMS Operating System v7.1 On-line Documentation (Dec 96)
OpenVMS Internet Product Suite Version 1.1 (Dec 96)
OpenVMS Alpha and VAX Delta-time ECO (Apr 97)
OpenVMS VAX Operating System v6.2 Binaries (May 95)
OpenVMS VAX Operating System v6.2 Documentation (May 95)

Are these any use to anyone?
They're pretty light, so I can post them easily.


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