[rescue] DLT drive dead want to replace without rebooting

Patrick Finnegan pat at computer-refuge.org
Wed Nov 29 16:03:37 CST 2006

On Wednesday 29 November 2006 15:22, Jonathan C. Patschke wrote:
> On Wed, 29 Nov 2006, Patrick Finnegan wrote:
> > It's really handy to be able to manipulate these by hand using
> > "echo" and shell redirection, or in things like init scripts,
> > without having to call an outside C program just to manipulate the
> > interface.  Not just debugging, but actual day-to-day use.
> How is "echo 'something magic' > /sys/devices/something/somewhere"
> any more handly than "xyzcontrol -r -q 1"?

Because you don't have to worry about having Yet Another C Program 
laying around to do what you can easily do with a shell script.

> I admit that the latter may be less self-documenting, but also
> maintain that it's probably something that will at least have a man
> page -somewhere- explaining all the -other- neat things you can do
> with xyzcontrol, as opposed to:

Yes, documentation sucks sometimes.  Google can be your best friend for 
figuring out some of this stuff.

> I'm just too dumb to use Linux, I guess.

Probably. >;)

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